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ComicMount Comic Book Frame Display

ComicMount Comic Book Frame Display

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New Patented display system developed by CollectorMount®


Comic book frame display system that can be used as either a wall mount (Adjustable) or shelf stand.  Adjustable to handle many different sizes in height. 

A must have for any true fan or collector of comic books, comic art, records, album covers, music, and many other items. Perfect display option!

Display literally disappears and provides a very unique “floating” look when mounted to any wall. And if you don’t want to use for the wall it turns into a shelf stand.  Product is quick and easy to set-up.  


ComicMount™ holds all CGC, PGX, CBCS, Golden, Silver, Bronze and Modern Age comic books Graded or bagged/boarded works great

  • ComicMount™ holds all CGC, PGX, CBCS, Golden, Silver, Bronze and Modern Age comic books Graded or bagged / boarded works great.
  • Adjusts to hold any collectible that is 1” in thickness by 14.25” in height.
  • Adjustable from 8.75” to 14.25” 
  • Two-in-one design – Use as a wall mount or shelf stand.
  • Three-step assembly that makes the process quick and easy.


  • 1 ComicMount™ Mounting system containing 2 ComicMount™ Brackets 1.313” x 3” x 7.14” (14.25” Total length) - Adjustable Display from 8.75” to 14.25” in height
  • 1 Carriage Bolt & 1 Flange Nut 10/24 size
  • 1 Spacer used for Shelf Mounting
  • Instructions for assembly for both wall mount and shelf stand display options
  • Mounting hardware not included (All you need is a nail or other wall mounting hardware). Works great with 3M Command Picture Hanging Strips
  • Comic books and comic cases pictured are NOT included

This product has so many uses that include:

  • Dorm rooms
  • Matchbox cars and other packaged toys
  • Children's artwork and books
  • Comic books
  • Vinyl Records & Album Cover Frame
  • Graphic Novels
  • In the office to hold documents while typing
  • Home decor items
  • Magazines and Playbills
  • On shelves to hold up award certificates and other products that are framed


  • CardMount™
  • AlbumMount
  • CDMount™
  • Graded CardMount
  • DVDMount™, Video Game Mount, 45 record Mount and Blu-ray Mount
  • PhotoMount 

UNITED STATES PATENTS 10251496 | 9578979

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